ConTrollKing The Original Remote Throttle Control
Manufactured in the USA with solid state technology for reliability

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The ConTrollKing is what every serious fisherman needs to improve their success rate.  ConTrollKing uses solid state technology for the most precise, problem free micro speed controll designed to do one thing - controll trolling speed remotely. ConTrollKing is designed to compliment any and all of the remote steering systems that are available to the avid fisherman. The installation is designed so as not to interfere with your motor's normal, manual throttle control. You will have your choice of adjusting your motor speed using either manual controls or the ConTrollKing. With ConTrollKing installed on your gasoline trolling motor, you can micro adjust your trolling speed to obtain that ideal lure action necessary to catch fish while others watch.
MAGMA's ConTrollKing is manufactured using the latest in solid state electronic technology. ConTrollKing trolling system consists of a servo mounted under the motor cowling connected to the carburetor. The servo is connected to the control box via a 25 foot cable. Controls consist of an "on/off" switch, a rotary speed control and an "idle/run" switch. Once the optimum trolling speed has been established, the ConTrollKing memorizes that setting. During those hectic moments after a "strike", when you hook up and have to slow down, a quick touch of the "run/idle" switch places the engine throttle at idle.  After boating your catch, a simple touch of the "run/idle" control restores the throttle speed back to that optimum, fish producing, trolling speed. NEW ConTrollKing offers a momentary full throttle switch as a standard feature. With this switch you can bump your boat back into control in wind or current or set the hook during a strike without changing your speed setting. When the monentary switch is released the motor returns to your set speed.


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